If you’re like me, you’ll like seeing what and who the folks are associated with what I do. This is my page offering other artists, performers, writers, observers and fans.

We recommend –

  • Fiddler’s Dream
  • “”
  • “Sacred Arts Circle”
  • Banjo News
    At “Baile’s African Drum Works”, Baile & Fatade make, repair, import and teach percussion and culture.
  • and More

I play with –

  • Loca Rosa – and
  • Poor Alfred – from time to time, and
  • Baile & Fatade on the “Drummer’s Path” CD.
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock members Dr. Yasye Maria Barnwell:, and Nitanju Bolade Casel: on the “Drummer’s Path” CD.
  • I’ve gotten instruments from
    mine is the “Didlake Style,” Mande Edition banjo.

Contact Sule Greg Wilson for more information.