Samsonite Is Still Considered One Of The Top Manufacturers For Good Quality

samsonite backpacks as a company of high-quality luggage sets have already been about for nearly a hundred a long time and possess remained a frontrunner in the area. Why? Since they have got a protracted standing dedication to making high-quality luggage that is sturdy whilst not comprising on design and style. They’ve got embraced new systems around the many years and may keep on to complete. Emphasis is placed on retaining the luggage solutions, classy and powerful although holding the weight to some minimum. The use of lightweight but robust components which can be created in a number of colors allows for flexibility in style and style choices.

Samsonite’s worldwide manufacturer image is of high quality, support & reliability. So why are their baggage sets so reliable? Due to the fact of a vigorous testing schedule including six specific tests:

1. The Handle Test
2. The Wheel Test
3. The Drop Test
4. The Zipper Test
5. The Tumble Test
6. The Lock Test

Each new product is subjected to the above tests to ensure that the design and style will be up to the Samsonite excellent standard. The handle is jerked 3,500 times although the bag is inside a fully loaded condition. A fully loaded bag is wheeled for 32kms to test for wear and tear on the wheel designs. To complete the drop test, the bag is dropped 5 times on each corner and on all sides at both atmospheric temperatures and a deep freeze temperature of 12 degrees centigrade from a height of 90cm. All slides and zippers are tested no less than 15,000 times with force applied to ensure their durability. Within the tumble test, a fully loaded bag is tumbled 50 times in the giant tumbler to check for damage or weak points. Finally, the locks are tested by operating them continuously for 15,000 cycles. Having such strict testing standards enables Samsonite to go on to have the confidence to offer their 3 and 10 year global warranties against manufacturing defects.

So, when you purchase your Samsonite luggage set remember that the global warranty means that should a manufacturing defect become apparent then your luggage will be repaired or replaced under that warranty. All you have to carry out is locate your nearest Samsonite registered repairer and get it to them. Be warned: as with all warranties, use a registered repairer or you risk voiding your warranty.

Today, Samsonite continues to be an industry leader in product design and innovation. Samsonite’s tagline is ‘Life’s a Journey’. So, rest assured that Samsonite will keep on to play a role during the lives on the global traveller.

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