All About a Car Battery Charger

Searching for a car battery charger can be a difficult task, unless of course you journeyed over to here first to find some information on the topic. To begin, let us show you the basic care of your battery before we need the car battery charger in the first place, but of course no matter how much care you supply you will always need a new battery charger Autopart Scritic.

When reading the gauge on your battery and it reveals less than full charge, there are a few reasons this may be. There could be a form of lead sulfate crystal deposits bonding with the plates inside your cells of your car battery. These bonds, if found early enough, can be broken with proper maintenance, otherwise your battery may never be able to retain a full charge ever again. Another reason is lack of water in the cells, each cell in a battery needs water for the catalytic reactions to take place, this water actually needs to be distilled water and nothing else.

This is a point where a trickle charge mode car battery charger will come in handy. This mode will allow the battery to take a slow and constant amount of voltage and may allow the chemical bonds that have to started to be broken down and refresh your battery to a better and healthy state.

At this point it is recommended by most people that you use a car battery charger with trickle capability and leave the battery connected until needed.This approach is also good if you believe you may be storing, or at least not using your battery for an extended amount of time, say a month or more. If this is not an option then at least bring the battery to full charge before storing, or else those chemically bonded lead sulfates may break down the effectiveness of you battery and no car battery charger will be able to bring it back to full life.

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